We are Kite Technology.

We design technology solutions that address your needs.

We first started designing websites over 20 years ago. Since then, we've designed countless websites, managed data pipelines for public services, and orchestrated transformative change at the most risk-averse of organizations.

While we're not strangers to projects, small or large, we thrive on collaborating with innovators and dreamers - those who boldly invest themselves to pursue their passions. Our unwavering commitment is to channel our expertise and effort into helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

We aim to be transparent, deliver exceptional value, and foster meaningful relationships with each of our clients.

Whether it's building a website that reflects your brand or building a process that tightly integrates your data from several systems, we have the know-how, the tools, and the ability to bring your projects to life.


Decoding our Mastery

We are passionately tech-driven.

We lean digital over analog, and embrace technology-first approaches.
We are a team of technologists passionate about creatively bringing ideas to life. We carefully select the technology we use, master our craft, and explore the best alternatives for each use case before designing, developing, and supporting each project we create.

We have innovation woven into our core.

Innovation is not just a strategy; it's the heartbeat of Kite.
We invest in groundbreaking ideas, allowing us a front seat at the stage of tomorrow. Our investments allow us to operationalize new technology quickly and offer each of our clients the newest technology without the risks of being an early adopter.

We are collaborative.

One team. Your team.
We can equally function as your 'everything' team or collaborate with your existing partners and teams to make sure each project is holistically thought-out and is designed to meet the needs of every stakeholder. We are collaborative and transparent, and seek to get intimately acquainted with your needs and to provide you visibility into our engagement.