Event Services, by kite

Your event should be an experience. Since 2002, Kite has worked with leading international brands and organizations to curate unforgettable experiences for their audiences. Whatever your vision – whether an evening gala or a week-long conference – we will bring it to life. From print and online ticketing to on-site event production and post-event production, we are your all-in-one partner for all your event technology needs.

Let’s design top-notch experiences, together!

In-Person and Virtual Broadcasting

Whether multi-camera setups for your annual conference or live-streaming your weekly meetings, we have the equipment to capture your event so you can showcase it to the world!

Audio & Video Post-Production

Your event continues to leave an impression after the curtain closes. From re-mixing your musical highlights to compiling videos of your keynote speaker, our post-production services allow you to share your event virtually and allows your audience to re-live their experience.

Slide & Content Design

You want your content to be as polished as your event. When we work on your presentations, every slide will receive the attention it deserves. We create custom designs and produce compatible slideshows that will run perfectly on your show systems.

Lighting & Special Effects

Light up the stars of your show! From spotlights to ambient lighting, we will make your event shine.

Online Ticketing & Registration

Discounts. Early-bird. Group. Multi-day. So many ticket options for so many different attendee types. We can handle all your ticketing needs, and we can streamline your on-site attendee check-in, too!

For a premium experience, choose to mail your attendees their personalized tickets, or opt for an RFID-enabled wristband or card.

Virtual Event Platforms

Your event is more than just a speaker on a stage. We can help you host Q&As, receptions, AMAs, one-on-ones and more!

5 things we bring to your Event:

1. Design Philosophy

We use our branding experience to design events that are impeccable from every perspective.

2. Technology Focus

We use the latest & greatest in tech advancements to bring new experiences to your audience.

3. Experience

We see the event from your attendees' eyes. And your sponsors'. And your speakers'. And just about everyone else's. Rely on our 20+ years of experience to curate the right experience for your attendees.

4. Collaborative Partnership

We work collaboratively to understand your needs and utilize your resources to shine a light on your brand.

5. A Fully Tailored Solution

We integrate our experiences and knowledge to design a cohesive and unique solution for you.