Business Strategy & Operations Services, by kite

Your strategy answers the “WHY” you work, your operations the “WHAT” you work on, and your processes reflect “HOW” you work. When you work with us, we explore all of these questions collaboratively.

Together, we explore the competitive landscape, strengths and weaknesses, and internal processes which enable your business. We work with you to improve your customer experience, align with customer expectations, and make your offerings stand taller.

At Kite, we combine our curiosity, know-how, and real-world data to set your business up for long-lasting success.

Strategy Sessions

Get your team together as we lead a series of sessions to help you discover the core of your business, and identify areas of improvement.

Process Automation

Set your business on autopilot! We identify the automation that would add the most value to your business, and maintain as much of the tools you’re already comfortable with. Our automation improves your team and customer experience!

Design Thinking Workshops

We host workshops at your location which help you refresh and evolve your offerings for the modern environment. We understand your business, your clients, your assumptions, and work with you to identify new ways of solving your day-to-day challenges.

Business Intelligence

Dive deep into your business to figure out what the numbers tell us. We derive insights from your current business and set you up with data points that are worth monitoring as your business evolves.

Customer Experience Mapping

Take a look at your customer journey to identify areas where we could reduce friction, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase customer retention. We explore all customer touchpoints and develop a cohesive plan for you.

Strategy Research & Discovery

Starting a business? Looking to expand your current offerings? We drive research into your new offerings, perform competitor analysis, audience profiling, and create a plan for your success. We conduct in-depth research and provide suggestions that will improve your business’ sustainability.

Resource Onboarding

You’ve hired the finest people. We will onboard them, send them welcome packages and your custom swag, acquaint them with company philosophies and policy, and take care of all the boring stuff: setting up email accounts, timesheets, confidentiality agreements and more.

Our 4-step approach to Business Strategy & Operations:

1. Research

We identify your business needs, your employee workflows, and the competitive landscape around you.

2. Develop

Using your core purpose, values, and vision, we create an image of what success would look like for you. We draw insights to solidify your unique position and identify strengths and weaknesses.

3. Build

We take everything we've learned to build short- and medium-term goals. We optimize processes and use data to create and baseline key performance indicators.

4. Manage

We communicate your strategy to all stakeholders, establish a schedule to review progress, and provide you with the tools you need to build on your success for years to come.