We modernize


Keeping your congregation engaged is not easy. We give you the tools and experience to help your congregants worship, give, and serve in today's world.


We design a website that helps you inform and engage with your community. Whether it's showcasing your current sermon series or calling for volunteers, our websites are tailored to highlight what's important to you.

Online and Text Donations

We make it easy for your members to donate. Setup recurring or one-time payments. Collect special offerings or regular tithes. We'll make sure it's easy for your congregation and your accounting team.


Spread your mission, your events, and your needs to your community. We've got your weekly announcements, small group devotionals, and all your email and print needs on lock.

Live Streaming

Reach those who can't make it out to your service today. Integrate your sermons, bible passages, and more into a single stream for your online attendees!

Video Projection

Whether your first projector or a video wall, we will help you setup your infrastructure, your software, and build out your projection workflows.

Ticketing & Registration

We design and manage online and paper ticketing and registration for your Sunday worship and for your special events.


We offer a full suite of print products - from your weekly bulletin to your annual fundraising banners.

Technology Training

Your volunteers are eager but need some training. Trust Kite to set them up for success and see your production quality grow and your weekly operations become more efficient.

And More...

Looking for something different? Let's chat and figure out how we can address your needs!